the workout

ACE instills vitality and improves coordination and endurance through specialized accessory muscle movement, high-intensity sculpting, and dynamic stretching. Your body is at the forefront–using movement to celebrate sweat, cultivate flow, and inspire joy.
Anneclaire Nelson Portrait


For over 20 years, Anneclaire Nelson has worked as a  dancer and expert trainer, helping countless women gain strength and confidence through movement. Originally from Greenville, SC, she lived in Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami, working for leading fitness brands and training A-list celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde, Olivia Palermo and Robert Downey Jr. In 2022, Anneclaire returned to her home state of South Carolina to found ACE.

our story

ACE was born on Sullivan’s Island, SC, in a small studio on the water. For two years, the space served as a laboratory and testing studio where Anneclaire could nurture her creativity and develop the burgeoning modality. As ACE’s audience grew, the time came to open a permanent location in downtown Charleston. In 2024, we opened the doors to our state-of-the-art studio at 695 Meeting Street in downtown Charleston.

the studio

frequently asked questions

what should i wear?

Come dressed to sweat! Wear athletic shoes and clothing that allow you to move freely.

do I need to bring a mat?

Mats, towels, and 3-5 lb ankle weights are provided.

why is the workout heated?

Moving in a heated space adds an additional cardio element to the class while warming the muscles. The added heat also creates a sweat factor that aids in the detoxifying of the body while boosting mood and energy.

What role does music play in the workout?

ACE is a dance-based workout driven by music, creating a “dance party while working out” energy. Your heart rate will be raised, and you’ll be singing along. Coming to ACE feels like listening to a fun playlist, dancing, and becoming stronger with your friends.